Video Poker Strategy and Fun

Video poker is uses the basic of the game of poker, but the entire process is digitalized so the game you play is you against the software. You make the choices in playing video poker, what to keep, what to throw, but the cards you want to keep in your hands will ultimately be the same as those you would in poker. Great hands are the royal flush, the straight, four of a kind, three of a kind, the flush, the low straight, a pair, and so on.

Video poker is offered in most all casinos online, as this is such a popular game. What makes this a game that so many people enjoy? You are playing against the software, and the odds are in your favor that if you make the correct choices, you can win.

Video poker does not have the high odds that some other types of casino games do, but the arrangement in playing video poker is one that can still allow you to hit that huge jackpot all the same.

Playing video poker for fun you are going to use points. In using points, you can often bet from one to ten points. The smaller the number of points you bet, the smaller the jackpot is going to be when you hit big, with the royal straight flush. If you were to bet all ten points and you were to hit the royal straight flush, you will win the jackpot, as much as possible!

Video poker is a game where you decide what cards to hold and what cards you want to discard. Discarding cards that would possibly help you create a great hand can be the downfall of your game.

Think about video poker, just as you would if you were playing poker. You want to get the highest possible hand out of the cards you are first dealt, throwing only what you have to back and getting a few new cards.

If you have a pair, stick with the pair and aim for a three or four of a kind, possibly even a full house.

If you have four of any suit, keep these four cards, throw the one odd suited card back and get a new card. This will give you a one in four chance of getting the suit you want and hitting big money with a flush.

Each casino does have a few different rules in their video poker games. One might be that a wild card can be used; this could be the jack, or any card that the casino lists as a wild card. If a wild card is listed in the display, this actually is going to help you get more winning hands, more often!

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